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All the electronic gadgets play a vital role in our lives which we need at every moment of our day to day lives. Gadgets like mobiles, laptops, tablets, computers, and other electronics accessories. Gadgets have made life easy and fast as well. In today’s world life will be tough without gadgets.

Nowadays electronics gadgets are considered essential products in human life and without them, life is very difficult. Electronics gadgets are quite expensive sometimes and everyone couldn’t afford them so they search for second hand gadgets as they are available at a low price and almost everyone can afford it. You can buy second hand gadgets , refurbished gadgets, used gadgets in Cifiyah by contacting the advertisers.

Latest gadgets are launched and people want to experience those latest gadgets so they want to sell their old gadgets and then buy the latest gadgets. You can post free ads to sell your old gadgets. Register for free to post ads for your gadgets.

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All Personal Company
MacBook Pro/ i5/. 8 GB Ram / 500 GB Hard disk

33000.00 INR

Mumbai · Maharashtra
second hand mobile | iphone 11

33500.00 INR

Allahabad · Uttar Pradesh
OnePlus 7T (128GB ROM / 8 GB RAM) - ₨34000

34000.00 INR

Bangalore · Karnataka
Used iPhone XS 64 GB New sealed Pack HALF RATE

34000.00 INR

Meerut · Uttar Pradesh
apple MacBook Air 13 inch core i5 very good condition,

34500.00 INR

Mumbai · Maharashtra